The company took its first steps in 1988 with operations in earthworks and engineering projects. In 1994 the company expanded in marketing of construction, insulation, sealants and the application of traded products.All company executives watched the developments in construction, informed by the reports which took place, participated in seminars, so that they can offer even more construction, projects that meet the requirements of the European Union, applying perfectly all the disposable materials and products. In 1995 we came up with the idea of expanded perlite .The adjustment begun with the mix of perlite and other material in order to thermoinsulate terraces floor while sealing the final surface . Our experience beared witness to this specific insulative application that created some  possibly  small failures as also it burdened us with higher costs  because of the specificity of the production of the final product ( specific pumping press ) . So , we proceeded to design and test hardware – finished product in the form of plaque . Established as a Greek invention in 1997 and Europe in 1998 .

The European Patent Office (European Patent Office), we awarded the 2004 title Certificate. The growing need for energy savings in general and especially in building construction, prompted us to produce thermal insulation finished product for wall covering around the buildings. Thus, before one year has produced Wall insulation boards with final sealed, decorative surface. The effect of chronic persistent and painstaking studies is the product perlostone ®. The unique natural integrated insulation system produced from natural raw materials.


The integrated system monoblocco external insulation and sealing  perlite produced of aggregates and cement , has a lifespan as concrete and not a by-product of petroleum . The product is available in the form of plates (for roofs ) in dimensions 40 × 40 and side coverings in dimensions 40 × 60, 20 × 60 in either panel . There is the possibility of producing a large variety of colors . There is flexibility in production scale ( insulation thickness ) , depending on demand , the country of interest and climatic conditions thereof.

The final surface is in the form of stone or marble or even a smooth surface . Reduces heating costs in winter and cooling in summer . Provides SAVING saving of usable space , full waterproofing of facades , flat roofs – roofs of buildings . Provides protection to the wearer body from thermal stress and condensation . Provides final decorative surface , protection from fire for five hours , according to the American Institute of Perlite . Provides protection from the sound. Available – for-sale – READY Unaffected by moisture .

It does not create a vapor barrier , it decomposes . If damaged , it dissipates into the air toxic pollutants . Is Greek invention , an international classification, result – chronic persistent painful tests and studies.